It is essential that we regularly monitor the progress and outcomes of the research we fund and can show how it is helping to facilitate our vision of a future where the effects of A-T are minimised. It is important that we inform our donors how money they have donated is being spent as we rely heavily on their generous support.  We monitor the research we fund via annual reports and Researchfish.

Annual reports

We require grant holders to submit annual progress reports.


We also require grant holders to submit data annually via Researchfish.  Researchfish is an online facility that enables funders to track the impacts of their investments, and researchers to easily log the outcomes of their work.

What do researchers need to do?

After you have been awarded a grant from Action for A-T, Researchfish will send you an email asking you to register. You then need to:

  • Register and start building your profile and research portfolio – saving the information as you go.
  • Keep your portfolio updated throughout the year and also your CV.
  • Submit this information to us once a year – grant holders will be contacted via e-mail with submission dates.
  • The principal applicant/s can nominate a delegate (someone in their team) to complete the data on their behalf.
  • We will use the information grant holders provide to evaluate and report on the impact of the research we fund and to inform our research strategy.

We will continue to ask for data to be submitted via Researchfish for at least 3 years after the project has finished as the impact from a research grant can take many years to come to fruition.

Action for A-T may still contact you in between the submission period for short updates on your research so that we can communicate about your work.

Please note, that submission of data during the submission period is mandatory, as in our Terms and Conditions. Failure to submit data will result in payment of invoices being delayed until such time as the submission is received. Failure to complete submissions or to comply with requests for follow up data after the grant is finished may affect future applications.

Researchfish Support

For any technical questions about how to report in Researchfish, please contact them directly via email:

Or via live chat:

Researchfish also has useful videos, documents, FAQ’s, and training webinars on their website, for example: