How We Fund Research - Open Grant Round

1. Open Grant Round

The terms of the grant round are advertised and researchers are invited to submit applications.

How We Fund Research - Applications

2. Applications

Applicants create their research proposals and submit them to us for funding.

How We Fund Research - External Peer Review

3. External Peer Review

Scientists and clinicians who are experts in the field or closely related field of the application are asked for their opinion. Strengths and weaknesses are assessed and written feedback provided.

Applicant Response

4. Applicant Response

Applicants are given the chance to read and respond to the external scientific peer reviewers’ feedback.  The reviewer remains anonymous.


5. Research Advisory Committee (RAC)

Applications, external reviewer feedback, and the applicant’s responses are all discussed and considered by Action for A-T’s Research Advisory Committee.


6. Final Decision

The RAC recommend the strongest scientific applications to the board of Trustees who then make the final funding decisions. Successful applicants are notified and sent award letters.


7. Research

The best science and the best scientists are supported to gain new knowledge.

8. Monitoring Progress

All research projects are constantly monitored to check on progress. For further information visit our research monitoring page.